CSR Connections

Corporate Social Responsibility is a must for every organization for the benefit of the community as well as for the growth of the business. We believe that the meetings, events, and hospitality sectors have a fantastic chance to respond compassionately to the profound change occurring in our societies and the global environment. So join us on our journey of creating positive change in society.

Our Process

We have curated a special technique for finding the right event for the CSR activity. CSR connections have collaborated with organizations to deliver engaging and impactful activities that can be scaled to meet the demands of your program. Check out our process.


Step 1

Review our list of local, national and global CSR partners, and narrow your search to 2-3 programs that fit your specifications


Step 2

On your behalf, we will request activity suggestions. We will also contact the CSR companies with any questions or special needs.


Step 3

We will ensure that all the proposals are reviewed with you the client.


Step 4

In order to secure the activity for you, we will seek the necessary papers.


Step 5

A direct payment option to CSR connections will be provided for any CSR-related expenses.


Additional Event Resources

We also provide additional services that will enhance your CSR experience and create a positive impact on society.


If you want to infuse energy into your event, consider hiring a speaker to discuss the value of CSR and how your gathering will affect the neighborhood and the wider globe. You can request a list of available speakers who are committed to the CSR vision from CSR Connections.

On-site Support

CSRconnections can staff your event and oversee setup, running, finishing, and delivery. To guarantee personnel availability, certain services must be scheduled in advance. Note that the majority of CSR initiatives need volunteers. Services supplied will be subject to on-site support fees.