Our Associates are dedicated to finding the best venues, services, and destinations to meet our Customers’ every need. To support this, we developed PartnerConnect—a partnership program that identifies and collaborates with partners equally committed to delivering top-tier service. This program creates a global directory of trusted services and support, ensuring our Customers receive unparalleled assistance.

While PartnerConnect provides a curated network of top-tier partners, we remain flexible and will work with whoever is best suited to meet our Customers’ specific needs. Whether it’s industry events, sales blitzes, familiarization trips, site visit assistance, or basic service and support requests, our Associates have direct connections with hotels, venues, vendors, and services worldwide. This network enables us to efficiently handle any and every request from our Customers.

By working with partners globally who share our commitment to excellence, we keep our Customers connected to the heartbeat and pulse of the hospitality industry.  Below is a glimpse into the network we have built – there are some of our Affiliate and Platinum Partners:

We are committed to being the nucleus of the industry, facilitating connections between Partners, Associates, and Customers.

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Join us in partnership to keep Customers connected to the heartbeat and pulse of the hospitality industry. Together, we can create exceptional experiences and deliver outstanding service, solidifying our mutual reputation for excellence.
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Alicia Moneyhun – Vice President Partnerships, Marketing and Administration




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