Our Team

“We created a company where people can do the things that are important to them – and what they’re good at.  People join our team to have the freedom to be successful in their own eyes, and to have fun while they work to achieve their goals.”

Julie Lamont
Executive Vice President

About Us

Our LamontCo team is made of seasoned professionals with extensive experience in the meetings and events sector of the hospitality industry. With backgrounds ranging from hotel and brand sales to third-party event planning, each team member brings a unique perspective and skill set. Our unwavering dedication to our customers’ success sets us apart, as echoed by the praise we’ve received from our planner customer base. Together, we are committed to delivering unparalleled service and ensuring the seamless execution of every event.

LamontCo Executives

Meet the foundation of our company.

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Associate Locator Maps 2024 Jan